Water Rafting

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Waterfall Abseiling

  • To go to the majestic waterfall we need to Jungle Trekking for 30 minutes and abseiling at Lata Rimau Waterfall of Perak enables everyone to appreciate its beauty even better at a closer spot at the waterfall in Ulu Slim. You will do abseiling down the Lata Rimau Waterfall where it is 200 meters above the ground. The best and suitable spot to do abseiling is from the middle of the fall. You'll be able to get closer and fell the rapids on you. We have choose the left side of this waterfall, which is a flat towering cliff and suitable for abseiling. The height is approximately 100 meters, not too easy for experienced climbers, nor too hard for beginners.

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    After we are clear with the instructions and put on all the gears. We will hike up to the spot that we will rappel down. Control your fear, and the adrenaline begins pumping as soon as you poke your head off that cliff. From there on the fear will steady turn into fun, you will wish that you be able to stay up there to feel the earth beneath your feet for as long as you can. Many had proves that most courage comes after fear. We guarantee the safety and when you are done with this you'll never forget the fun. You'll ask yourself, "How did I do that?" and realize all that wasn't as difficult or scary as you were thought before. Come to join with our excitement.

    Package Price :RM150.00-RM180.00(Depends on the number of pax)
    Minimum Pax :5 pax
    Location :Only available at Ulu Slim,Perak Only

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