Water Rafting

Our Equiptments

  • Life Jacket

    The number one safety rule for all whitewater rafters is to wear a lifejacket at all times,evenif the rapids are small and manageable. A comfortable and snug life vest is crucial to providing the first line of protection in case any accidents were to occur on the river.
  • Helmet

    The second-most piece of equipment for a water rafter behind a lifejacket is a well-fitted protective helmet. When being surrounded by rocks and hard objects all around the river, it is important to protect the head from hitting anything that can cause temporary or personal pain and internal damage.
  • Drybag

    Whether it's a half-day trip or an extended time on the river, it's important to have something reliable to keep important objects dry and afloat. Storing valuables, clothing, and items that can be damaged by water, a dry bag will keep things afloat and provide the ultimate protection from ruining one's possessions.
  • Paddle

    This is an obvious piece of equipment for all water rafters. In order to control the raft through the difficult and unforgiving river trails, the paddle will help guide the raft in the desired direction.
  • Throwbag

    One of the most important pieces of whitewater rescue equipment to aid swimming kayakers, canoeists, and rafters is a throw bag which is also called a rope bag. A throw bag enables the user to toss the rope to a person who is out of their boat and requires rescue from the river.
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