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  • If you are on a commercial rafting trip make sure you have the list of what to bring on a rafting trip.In Malaysia most of the time is warmth weather and the things to bring is lesser than other cold weather country.To plan for a rafting trip there is three aspect to consider-things to wear on a boat,things to bring after a rafting trip and what to take on a raft.

    Proper attire on Malaysian river :

    * Quick dry shorts/bathing suits
    * Synthetic shirt and for warm and sun protection
    * Sturdy footwear – sandals with straps(no flip-flops)
    * If you wear glasses please bring retrainer strap.
    * Try to avoid cotton cloth because it will get heavy when wet

    Items after the trip :

    * Dry clothing after shower
    * Plastic bag for wet clothes

    Things to take in the raft:

    * Sunscreen bottle that can fit in a pocket
    * Athma medication if you have one
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