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    What to bring?
    Rafter's encourage to wear sports attire such as sports shoes,strap sandal,shorts and any sports pants.Jeans are strongly prohibit for safety reason.
    River Length and Duration?
    Kuala Kubu Bharu and Ulu Slim river distance is around 7km,thereabout 2hours journey.
    Cannot swim?
    Do not worry if you do not know how to swim. You will be equipt with a Life Jacket,helmet and a paddle. Compare to other operators,we allocate two guide in each boat for your safety.REMEMBER!Please pay attention when safety briefing.
    From KL?
    From Kuala Lumpur to our rafting location will take 1 hour. We do not arrange a transportation in our package at this moment.Please contact any taxy provider for the price and rates.
    How to Book?
    Booking have to be made at least 3 days earlier if less than 20 person as much as 30% deposit. If 20 person and more, booking is at least two weeks earlier as much as 50% deposit.

    Deposit of can be made to :
    Bank : Maybank Berhad
    Nama akaun : Xventure Mind
    Nombor akaun : 5648-9211-1789
    Using Credit Card?
    We do accept deposit payment using credit card but by using Pay Pal. Once agree on both parties,we will request payment through email using Pay Pal.Just follow its steps untill the payment is successfull.
    What is the best time?
    The best time to go rafting at KKB river is during dry season.During dry season the Selangor dam will release the water from the gate.
    Who can join?
    For KKB river we limit the minimum age is 10 years old.While for Ulu Slim the minimum age is 5 years old. Maximum weight must not more than 100kg for safety reason.
    Who does we provide?
    Our package incudes lunch,equiptment and guides.
    Contact lens and Glasses
    Wearing glasses is allowed as long it is secure to your head with a strap. Wearing contact lens will have no problem,just close your eyes when the water splashes to your face.

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