Water Rafting

River classification

  • There are six levels each referred to as "Grade" or "Class" followed by a number. The scale is not linear, nor is it fixed. For instance, there can be hard grade twos, easy grade threes, and so on. The grade of a river may change with the level of flow. Often a river or rapid will be given a numerical grade, and then a plus (+) or minus (-) to indicate if it is in the higher or lower end of the difficulty level. Also note that while a river section may be given an overall grading, it may contain sections above that grade, often noted as features, or conversely, it may contain sections of lower graded water as well. Details of portages may be given if these pose specific challenges

    Basic Grade I-II

    If you are a starter or a non-swimmer, it is advisable for you to choose from Grade I and Grade II. These rapids are available at Ulu Slim river,Sungkai river, and Gopeng river. The rafting distance is around 9 km while the time taken is around 2 hours.


    Non-swimmers who are a little more adventurous can also go for the Grade III option. These rapids are located at Ulu Slim, Gopeng and Sungkai. If you choose the standard grade, you get to enjoy rafting for 2 hours over a distance of 7km km.


    The moderate rafting stretch is popular as Marine Drive. The total distance for rafting is 25 km. You get to enjoy rafting for around 4 hours. To go for moderate rafting stretch, you need to know swimming and have some prior experience in white water rafting.

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